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Wherever You Are, We Can Help You Find Your Way

There is a way forward for people who are dealing with addiction either themselves or in their families. We work with you in our private confidential setting to help you design a way forward that restores health to the whole family.

  My loved one may have an
or may not admit it
   We are in crisis because
  of my loved one's addiction

Hope or avoidance can trap you and your loved one. In descriptive patterns. We can help you know clearly where you stand and what you can do next to make things better.

Do you feel as though your house is on fire? And you're not sure what crisis is going to happen next? Are you frightened? There is immediate help available.

  My loved one's addiction is
 family, friends, work
   I have an addiction...
  and I need help

Do you feel embarassed? You've tried to protect others from your loved one's addiction and it's getting harder. There are people who can support you in moving forward.

Are you ashamed? Have you promised to quit but find yourself unable to? Is it getting harder to hide? There is a way to reclaim your self-respect. And you can find others who will help you and your family.

We are pleased to talk with you if you have lived or are living with addiction in your family or circle of friends. It may be your spouse, your child or a close friend. Or you may be an adult child of an alcoholic or drug addict. No matter what your situation is Avvia can help you by giving you a safe space to talk about the impact of addiction on you and your family.

Please contact Sara Thompson at 647-988-1680 or sara@mettacoachinggroup.ca