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We Can Help

Avvia has developed a comprehensive assessment system to determine if there is addiction in the family and assess how the family has been impacted.

Our services are offered by a team of experienced, qualified and caring professionals to help you make the transition to a happier and healthier life and family.

From the beginning to end, we work closely with the family to put in place different levels of strategies and interventions to move the family from chaos and unmanageability to function and stability.

Our rates are comparable with other service providers in the field of addiction.

For Family Members:

  1. Initial telephone conversation - the first step to a life-line, to someone who will listen and understand your situation
  2. In person conversation - what have you been experiencing in your family? We will help you customize a plan for you and your family
  3. A series of one-on-one confidential coaching sessions. We will help you deal with the issues created by addiction in the family
  4. A roadmap of coping steps - how you can care for yourself and support the person with the addiction


For the person suffering from an addiction:

  1. Comprehensive chemical dependency assesment
  2. Follow-up treatment planning
  3. Individual therapy to address underlying issues and provide recovery support
  4. Group therapy for the person with the addiction
  5. Relapse prevention

Our next group conversation series begins September, 2017

Contact Sara Thompson @ sara@mettacoachinggroup.ca ot 647-988-1680