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Avvia Blog: Caring Forward

Jan, 13 2014 3:44 PM
Sara Thompson

Addiction is a disease of the family. When you learn the origin of the word "disease" it comes from Middle English - between the 12th and 15th century A.D. Literally it means lack of ease. In modern language, the Oxford dictionary defines it as a disorder of structure or function in...

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Upon request Avvia offers Conversation Groups. They cover topics such as:

- Co-dependency - what is it?

- What are healthy coping mechanisms?

- Self-care - what can I do for myself?

- How can I detach with love?

If you are interested please contact us.



Note: We will not be holding a Conversation Group this year. Please feel free to reach out for an individual consultation.

Contact Sara Thompson @ sara@mettacoachinggroup.ca ot 647-988-1680




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