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Avvia Blog: Caring Forward

Feb, 9 2014 7:00 PM
Sara Thompson

Welcome to Caring Forward, a blog where the people at Avvia can share their way forward through the fog of addiction.  We hope to tell our stories, share our knowledge and continue to learn together.


My name is Caitlin Thompson.  I am the daughter of Sara Thompson, the founder of Avvia, and I am absolutely honoured to be asked to kick off this blog.  My mother, for years, has had the dream of creating a space where families touched by addiction could come to find their own unique way forward.  We would regularly talk over coffee and muse about what this place would look like.  We envisioned a cozy, old, downtown Toronto home that could be a refuge and place of learning for people like us.  We created vision boards as a way to bring some of our imaginings to life; collages of beautiful safe spaces, healthy food, images that spoke to us, and words clipped from magazines that represented our dreams.  We would chat about our own path back to health and how living with an addict impacted our own identities.  We would talk about all of the different things that we needed in order to learn how to be kind to ourselves, to forgive ourselves, and to break the cycle of unhealthy living. 


Through our own journeys it was clear that the road we were on didn’t end with us.  It was clear that through the fog there was a bright horizon full of possibility.  The possibility of touching families who struggle through what we struggled through.  We aren’t alone.  You are not alone.


I have learned so much over the course of this experience.  I continue to learn so much about the consequences of addiction and about myself.  Addiction is a family disease.  It touches everyone.  And it does not discriminate. 


I invite you to join us at Avvia, a safe space to bring addiction out of hiding.  A safe space to find a way forward.  A safe space to find your way back to yourself.  It is our passion, and we know that families can find comfort and solutions together.  We have lived it and have learned that there is hope. 

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Upon request Avvia offers Conversation Groups. They cover topics such as:

- Co-dependency - what is it?

- What are healthy coping mechanisms?

- Self-care - what can I do for myself?

- How can I detach with love?

If you are interested please contact us.



Note: We will not be holding a Conversation Group this year. Please feel free to reach out for an individual consultation.

Contact Sara Thompson @ sara@mettacoachinggroup.ca ot 647-988-1680




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