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Addiction and Co-Dependence (No-one’s fault.)

Jul 14, 2014 9:19 PM
Sara Thompson

I have learned that co-dependence is a dis-ease of those who live with addicts. There is a slow and steady progress to co-dependence. Eventually it becomes suffocating. Those who live with addicts often move into a state of hyper vigilance as they try to keep their worlds under control. There are many things to watch for – keeping the family together, getting meals organized at a regular time, trying to maintain some semblance of order amidst a crazy existence. The trouble is that living with an addict creates a gradual diminishment of healthy behaviour in a family. It is so gradual that family members do not notice. Co-dependence/addiction – they are no-one’s fault. They are just the sad by-products of a serious illness called addiction. Many do not realize that addiction is truly a progressive and fatal illness if it is not treated. Addiction is not a moral issue. It is an illness that cannot be controlled by those who are caught in its’ grip.  Addicts try to control everything so that they can access their substance. Co-dependents try to control everything so that they can maintain order in their lives.  Sadly – control is a strategy that does not work for anyone. All family members who are caught in the web of addiction need support. 


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