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Our Story


Avvia was born out of own experience overcoming the challenges of living with loved ones suffering from addiction. The silent partners and family members who support those with the disease of addiction are overlooked. The focus is on recovery for the person with the addiction. Yet there are costs associated with those who live in families of addiction. The costs can be emotional, spritual, physical and financial. avvia provides a way forward to resolution for caregivers and loved ones of those suffering from addiction.


We believe in care for self. Without care for self, family members become exhausted and the resources needed to care for someone with an addition become depleted. We also believe that family members of addicts must travel a parallel path of recovery. Addiction is a family disease. As such all members of a family touched by addiction can benefit from a program of recovery.


Each professional who works at avvia has lived with addiction in his or her family. We have walked in the shoes of those who are touched by addiction. We know that there is a way forward to healthy recovery.

Our Place


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