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Deep down, you know that things are not working.

You care about your family and want them to get the help they need. Helping heal your loved ones will help you heal yourself.

The Steps You Must Take

1.  Congratulate yourself

You are ready to take action to get help for yourself and others. You do not need to take care of your family while you are in recovery. You can help your family seek the support they need.

2.  Tell your family you love them and that you are ready to get help

Your family will be relieved to know that you are ready for professional help. You are on the right path. There is a way out of the shame of addiction.

3.  Take the first step to get help

If you suffer from an addiction you may feel ashamed. You know you have made and broken promises. Take the first step to get help for you and your family. This is a first step to regain self-respect and the respect of your loved ones. 

How Avvia Can Help

Once you have acknowledged your addiction you are ready. Phone to arrange a confidential consultation. Avvia can help with a recovery plan designed just for you. Avvia can also support your family so that you can focus on your personalized recovery plan. Often families living with addiction end up in a cycle of nagging, begging and controlling behaviours. Avvia provides guidance in establishing new healthy behaviours between family members.

Our team of trained specialists have lived with addiction and experienced what it is like to walk in the shoes of someone who has been touched by addiction. 

Contact Sara Thompson @ sara@mettacoachinggroup.ca ot 647-988-1680