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You didn’t expect to be in crisis. But it is here and you must take action.

A crisis gives you permission to take decisive action.  You must take action to remedy the crisis. And people with addicitions often percipitate a crisis in order to force a change that they are incapable of making on their own. If you have put off taking action it may be important to understand and address the reasons that have worked against you taking the needed steps.

The Steps You Must Take

1.  A crisis is a turning point. When there is a crisis you must get help

A crisis puts people in danger. Whether someone has been hurt, or you are being abused, the situation will only get worse if ignored.

2.  If it is a physical or emotional emergency call 911

3.  Once the immediate crisis has passed, seek help for yourself

People who live with addiction often don’t see how tough their circumstances have become. Since addiction is a progressive disease, it is easy to be lulled into thinking that things will get better. Once a crisis has occurred you are forced to do something different.

How Avvia Can Help

A crisis creates hope for change. One of the ways a crisis can be handled is through an intervention. This is a well-planned attempt by the family and other loved ones to get someone to seek professional help. It is a myth that people have to hit bottom before they seek help. Interventions save lives. The Avvia team is trained to organize an effective intervention with the support of family and friends in a loving and receivable way. Avvia also provides support and recovery plans for family members even if the person with the addiction does not seek help. Family members can find new healthy coping strategies even when the person with the addiction is not in a recovery program. 

Our team of trained specialists have lived with addiction and experienced what it is like to walk in the shoes of someone who has been touched by addiction. 

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