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The addiction is real. You know it and others know it.

While your loved one may be in denial,  there are some simple steps you can take right now.

The Steps You Can Take

1.  Remember you cannot control someone with an addiction

Often family members will try to control the addiction by hiding the substance, monitoring its use, or searching the house. All these actions, while well-intentioned will not work.

2.  Take time for yourself

Give yourself permission to take time out. Since you cannot control another person’s use of a substance, you can take back some time for you. Spend time with people who will support and nurture you.

3.  Get some physical exercise

Physical exercise helps people to view the world from a balanced perspective. 

How Avvia Can Help

Avvia understands that everyone in the family system has been affected by this disease.  Therefore everyone will benefit from some type of support. Avvia offers individual and group support for those affected by someone’s substance use either currently or in the past.  Coaching can be a powerful solution focused method of working with families, especially family members that feel “stuck” and aren’t sure what the next steps are.  Whatever direction works best for the family member, Avvia will ensure the best possible outcome. 

Our team of trained specialists have lived with addiction and experienced what it is like to walk in the shoes of someone who has been touched by addiction. 

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