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Check in with yourself......

Jan 17, 2016 4:00 PM
Sara Thompson

Winter is upon us again. This year it is a bit gentler than the winter of 2015. Daily journal entries help to clarify emotion and self-care needs. I complete a journal entry every morning before I get out of bed. This year I check in with myself each day by asking these questions:

1. What am I thinking today?

2. What emotions am I feeling?

3. What are my senses telling me - sounds, body sensations - warm, cool, hungry etc.

4. What is going on inside my body - anxiety, feeling in the pit of my stomach, heart throbbing, breathing patterns?

5. What are my relationships like right now? Which ones are serving me, helping and supporting me? Which ones do I need to change?

This detailed check in helps me stay grounded even when I am unsure.


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